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Thank You From Van Every Chiropractic

To My Van Every Chiropractic Family,

Thank you card

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Van Every Chiropractic Center, I am filled with immense joy and gratitude for the richness of the past 20 years. The vision I had for my chiropractic practice back in 1998, when I recruited family and friends to transform a ramshackle building into a welcoming and comfortable chiropractic home, has been exceeded by the personal transformations that have occurred within these four walls in the years since.

As I reflect on the joys and successes of my first 20 years in practice, I am deeply thankful to you for entrusting me with your chiropractic care. Your desire for better health, to become the best version of you, is inspiring. Your success colors our days, making each day at the office exciting and incredibly satisfying. Your transformations reaffirm my commitment to providing the best in chiropractic care and demonstrate how chiropractic truly changes lives.

Thank you to the 1st grade boy, who hated school so much he would cry every morning, who became the boy whose teacher reported at parent-teacher conference a completely different boy – happy, eagerly participating, and smiling.

Thank you to the woman who burst into tears after two weeks of treatment because the depression she suffered with since the birth of her son had lifted allowing her to laugh and feel joy and hope for the first time 23 years.

Thank you to the constipated little girl who, immediately after getting adjusted, had her first bowel movement in ten days before leaving the office.

Thank you to the 97 year old woman who can once again experience the joy of making dinner for her family now that she is free of pain.

Thank you to the mom who confided that the care her teenage daughter received at Van Every Chiropractic more than likely saved her life.

Thank you to the colicky baby who instantly relaxed and fell asleep after her adjustment.

Thank you – and have a great day! – to the non-verbal autistic boy who now says “Have a great day! Good-bye!” after each adjustment.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The success and joy of the past 20 years are surpassed only by the excitement and anticipation of the next 20 years.

In Health & Happiness,

Dr. Anna Saylor

Van Every Family Chiropractic Center
(248) 616-0900
4203 Rochester Rd
Royal Oak

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