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Anxiety Relief in Royal Oak

The adrenal glands, thyroid gland, and the pituitary gland all work in a cascading order to regulate hormonal imbalances. Stress and fatigue can overwork these glands resulting in a decrease in the production of mood-regulating hormones that directly affect behavior and demeanor.

Did you know that chiropractic care can address the neurological stressors that lead to endocrine dysfunction?

If you are looking for a natural way to boost your mood and get your endocrine system back on track by restoring balance to your nervous system, get checked and adjusted by one of our chiropractors. Your doctor also can discuss some lifestyle changes you can make as well with diet and exercise to complement your chiropractic anxiety relief initiatives.

Calming Kids’ Nervous Systems

While it may be hard to believe, very young kids such as preschoolers are experiencing anxiety these days. That’s because everything is a new experience and they’re constantly acclimating to different things. It’s like they have their gas pedal on full bore without the brakes on! As a result, they can experience Bed-wetting, Behavioral problems, and the development of tics.

Too much screen time and packed schedules also can contribute to anxiety. There’s no doubt that children today are overstimulated. They don’t have time to play outside and just be kids, which could decrease anxiety. Children who are high-level athletes such as gymnasts, soccer players and skiers, also are at risk for anxiety because they tend to never get a break.

Anxious kids become anxious adults so addressing the issue at an early age is ideal. With chiropractic care, we can balance the body, and we can test it using the heart rate variability scan to see how a person’s nervous system is stressed. We also do a lot of cranial work which calms the nervous system down.

“Denelle and Dr. Saylor went above and beyond to help our son feel comfortable in their office. He has severe anxiety and they were so kind, calm, and knew just what to do to get him in their office for his scan. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts!”

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If you or your child is experiencing anxiety, we want to help at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center. We also help kids and adults alike find relief from stress and depression. Contact our Royal Oak practice today to schedule an appointment!



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