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Family Focus at
Van Every Family Chiropractic Center

At Van Every Family Chiropractic Center, we delight in providing outstanding chiropractic care for family members across the spectrum. These include patients of every age and stage, such as days-old newborns, kids and teens, busy moms and dads, and active grandparents who refuse to spend their golden years in a rocking chair.

Meet The Johnson’s Family

Renee Johnson

Chiropractic at Van Every has helped me in every way! It has helped me with back and neck pain, allergies, sinus, headaches work, and exercise.

At Van Every I love both of the doctors and the staff are excellent.

Chiropractic can help in more ways that you even know. So many issues can be improved with chiropractic care. I highly recommend trying chiropractic for you everyday health and improvement.

Reese Johnson

Chiropractic at Van Every has made it easier to work out and sit at a desk every day. It has also helped with my sleeping and sinuses.

The staff at Van Every are nice and respectful, and the doctors are very personable.

Noah Johnson

Chiropractic at Van Every has helped me with sports recovery, school and getting to 100% for the next game.

The staff and doctors at Van Every has nice and respectful and the office is very clean and welcoming. Going to a Chiropractor can only improve your life.

Jeremy Johnson

I had Spinal Fusion surgery on my neck and the on going care at Van Every gives great relief and quality of life! It has also been helpful with depression, sleeping, anger, focus and stress.

The doctors at Van Every are always organized and helpful and the doctors are attentive and concerned about ongoing issues.
Chiropractic will make you feel better overall.

It’s highly rewarding for us to receive such positive reviews from patients. We look forward to helping your family, too!


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