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Did you know that Van Every now has an app that you can easily schedule on?


How to set up SKED:

  1. Download the “” app
  2. Enter the Service Provider ID: 88068650
  3. Check in ID: # you use to check in upon arrival

Through the app patients will be able to:

  • View available appointment times
  • Schedule appointments (single/ group)
  • Receive notifications regarding appointments
  • Keep up to date on office events
  • Send messages directly to our office
  • Easily reschedule or change appointments

*Saturdays and Massages cannot be scheduled through the app

This app is designed for patients with no doctor preference.

  • By default, the “professional” will be listed as Dr. Anna Saylor- this does not indicate she will be the one adjusting you.
  • Please call or text the office if there is a specific doctor that you wish to see.

Please continue to sign in on the iPads when you arrive.


SKED App | (248) 616-0900