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Carpal Tunnel Care in Royal Oak

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At Van Every Family Chiropractic Center, you can find the help you need to address a broad range of concerns. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an increasingly common issue that people are suffering from. Our experienced team has the knowledge and skill to help you find the solution you need.

Finding the Source of Your Pain

In about 90% of the cases we see, carpal tunnel pain isn’t a result of a problem with the carpal tunnel. Surprisingly, it can come from your neck, shoulder, elbow or forearm, and involve bones, muscles or ligaments. Because of these different causes, it’s essential that we find the source of your carpal tunnel pain.

With chiropractic care, we can address any of these areas and make the proper adjustments to make sure all of your systems are working as they should.

Why Surgery Fails

Too often, we see people who have had surgery to address their carpal tunnel pain, yet found that it returned. How could this occur? If your surgery addressed the carpal tunnel bone, but the pain originated in your neck or shoulder, then the surgery would not correct your particular issue.

That’s why we recommend trying other options first and having surgery be your last resort. We’ll be happy to evaluate you to determine the source of your carpal tunnel pain, then make our best recommendations as to how you can move forward and find a true resolution.

The Care and Advice You Need

Our care can involve a wide variety of techniques in addressing your carpal tunnel pain. Your visits with us will likely involve adjustments and muscle work on your shoulders, neck and arms to loosen up the ligaments and muscles there. If your carpal tunnel is the problem, we’ll give you a brace to start wearing, which will stabilize the area.

There will be several other aspects of your lifestyle we’ll take a look at, too. We’ll discuss your sleeping position, pillow and mattress to make sure none are causing your neck or shoulder to be in the incorrect position. We’ll also discuss the ergonomics of your work station and home computer, which can cause tremendous problems if not set up properly.

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