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Chiropractic Care for Teens

It’s no surprise that today’s teens are under more pressure than ever before. Between sports, schoolwork, extracurricular activities and part-time jobs, these young people have a lot on their plate. When that plate overflows, stress follows. Because teens tend to be so busy, they often don’t think to make time for chiropractic care. Once they start getting adjusted, however, and experiencing how much better they can perform athletically and academically, they’re usually sold on chiropractic.

At Van Every Family Chiropractic Center, we have had tremendous success helping teens get healthy, recover from injury and feel fantastic, physically and emotionally.


Some Teen-specific Areas We Can Address:


It’s been our experience that teens and kids in general, who get adjusted are able to make excellent grades. Kids with ADHD find that chiropractic helps them focus better in school. Perhaps best of all, chiropractic offers an effective and natural alterative to prescription drugs that are often given for ADHD.

Emotional Health and Stress Management

One of the greatest benefits of chiropractic is that it can help teens manage stress and their emotions, including feelings of anxiety and depression. Because we do cranial work, we can help kids be more emotionally balanced, especially when hormonal upheaval is taking place. Our goal is to have the highs not be as high and the lows not to be as low.

Growing Pains

We believe that it should never hurt to grow. When teens experience growing pains, it usually means their structure is misaligned. Chiropractic can help correct that misalignment.

Instrument Holding

For teens who play heavy instruments such as a tuba, they can experience discomfort or injury. We can adjust kids while they’re holding their instruments so we can help their body relax around that position.

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A person with scoliosis has a curve in their spine. Even if a teen is affected by scoliosis to a small degree, that’s the age where chiropractic can make the greatest strides in the least amount of time. The sooner they can get in for care before growth takes place the easier it will be to correct. Early intervention is always best because if scoliosis isn’t addressed early, it will take longer to correct and will be more difficult.

Girls basketball team


We see a lot of athletes with all types of injuries including sprained ankles and fingers, foot problems and more. Regular chiropractic care not only can address injuries but it can prevent them too.

Text Neck

While technology has its benefits it also can wreak havoc on a teen’s body. The modern-day malady known as text neck is prevalent. Kids today are more hunched over than ever before, and that poor posture can affect the entire nervous system and lead to arthritis.

Help your teen experience optimal health with chiropractic care. Contact our Royal Oak practice today to book an appointment!


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