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One Patient Experiences the Game-Changing Effects of Laser Therapy

Laser-TherapyAt 76 years young, Mike P. experienced his fair share of life’s physical challenges. However, nothing prepared him for the severe lower back pain and swelling that suddenly became a part of his daily life.

“That was until I found Van Every Family Chiropractic Center and had the good fortune to be treated by Dr. Saylor,” he said.

Getting Relief & Results

From the moment he stepped into our welcoming office, Mike was greeted with warmth and an atmosphere that immediately put him at ease. He appreciated our practice’s commitment to health in a fun and friendly way. But Dr. Saylor’s expertise, particularly with the laser treatment, was what truly transformed Mike’s life.

After just the first laser treatment, Mike was astounded to feel the pain in his lower back vanish. “It was an incredible relief after having struggled with it for so long. By the second treatment, the swelling that had plagued me was also gone. The speed and effectiveness of the recovery were beyond my expectations,” he said.

He refers to Dr. Saylor’s use of the laser on his lower back as nothing short of miraculous. “It’s clear to me that this treatment is a valuable asset to their practice, offering profound relief and healing to those who, like me, thought they would have to live with pain indefinitely,” said Mike.

Grateful for a New Lease on Life

Mike is grateful for Dr. Saylor and the entire team at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center. “Their care has not only alleviated my physical suffering but has also restored my quality of life, allowing me to enjoy my days to the fullest once again,” he said.

Could Laser Therapy Help You Too?

Maybe you’re wondering if laser therapy could help you as it did Mike. “For anyone considering chiropractic care, especially those who may be skeptical about the efficacy of laser treatments, let my experience serve as a testament,” he said. After the remarkable results he experienced, Mike considers laser therapy valuable and well worth it.

Experience for yourself the healing benefits of laser therapy. Give our practice a call today to book an appointment!


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