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Keep Your Bones Healthy

Did you know that you are born with more than 300 bones, but by the time you become an adult, you only have approximately 206 of them? The reason for the reduction? As we grow bigger and heavier, cartilage is slowly replaced by harder bone. And some smaller bones join together to make one bigger bone. These vital parts of the body’s framework need to stay strong as they provide structure, protect organs, anchor muscles and store calcium.

The only thing scarier than a skeleton is weak bones. We have some tips to boost bone health.

  • Stick with a bone-friendly diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and calcium-rich foods like cheese, salmon and almonds.
  • Eat or soak up some Vitamin D. While calcium’s essential, Vitamin D helps in absorbing the calcium. Salmon, tuna, dairy, and getting outside can do the trick, as exposure to the sun triggers Vitamin D synthesis to make Vitamin D.
  • Keep moving. Exercise with more impact builds bone strength. Consider running, lifting weights and jumping rope.
  • Perform muscle-building exercises. Building muscle also helps strengthen bones as well. Try lifting some weights or dumbbells or doing push-ups, squats and planks.
  • Kick the habit. Compared with nonsmokers, women who smoke have lower estrogen levels and typically reach menopause earlier, both of which lead to lower bone density.
  • Reduce sodium intake. A high-sodium diet (more than 2,400 milligrams a day) is associated with excess calcium excretion.
  • Watch the alcohol. While one alcoholic beverage a day for women may be good for the bones because it increases estrogen levels, larger amounts could be harmful.

Protect Your Body

Though it’s a no-brainer, always remember to wear a seatbelt when driving or wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Be sure, too, to wear protective gear when playing contact sports like football and bicycling. Doing so will protect your bones and might even save your life.

Get Adjusted!

With the help of a chiropractic adjustment, misalignments are straightened out, and the joints and bones of the body are able to align themselves properly.

Check out our Webinars page to learn more about how to keep your bones healthy!

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