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From Kids to Adults, Anyone Can Experience Back Pain

spineThough back pain is astoundingly common, it may surprise you to learn that there is no single cause for it. Because of the complex nature of back pain, you need to get the care that’s tailored to your particular problem and gets to the root of it. The team at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center is skilled in discovering the source of your issue and providing the care you need to live a rich, full and pain-free life.

The Surprising Side Effects of What We Do

The nerves in your back are responsible for the function of your GI tract and your reproductive system, among others. Many of our patients are shocked that as their back pain resolves, they realized they no longer have indigestion, heartburn or fertility issues. Everything in your body is connected. As we restore your nerve flow, incredible things can happen!

Our Comfortable Technique

If you’re in severe pain, the last thing you want to consider is getting on and off an adjusting table. We can perform your adjustment while you’re seated or standing. If your discomfort increases with certain movements, we can adjust you while you’re in motion so that we can precisely pinpoint your problem.

You’ll also receive personalized exercises and other advice that you can start using immediately. If you sit at a computer all day, you need to know how to position your chair, keyboard and screen to ensure that your back pain doesn’t return. We’ll give you the tips you need to stay well.

Heavy Backpacks and Demanding Athletic Participation

Unfortunately, we’re seeing back pain happen to people as young as elementary school. Why now? Think of the challenges that today’s kids face. Their studies are intense. They’re beginning to play sports at younger ages, with frequent practices and games. Posture is a bigger issue than ever before, thanks to hunching over phones, tablets and computers.

We can help your entire family understand what they can do to lessen the effects of today’s stressful life. Contact Van Every Family Chiropractic Center today to get started!

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