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Down Syndrome and Chiropractic Care

little boyAt our practice, we’re proud to work with a variety of patients from all walks of life, especially when we can help improve their emotional and mental wellbeing on top of helping them feel better, naturally.

If you have a child or family member with Down Syndrome, we’re here for you, and want to let you know how chiropractic care may play a beneficial role in their wellness routine.

Benefits of Care

We’ve worked with many children who have Down Syndrome and have experienced relief in our care. While we never make any promises, we can tell you that care is always gentle, focused and exactly where their spine needs an adjustment.

Your child or family member may notice benefits including:

Help for atlantoaxial instability—we use a gentle, handheld instrument that lightly ‘taps’ the joints of the neck for a safe and effective adjustment for patients dealing with atlantoaxial instability.

Increased immunity—the vagus nerve originates in the brainstem and is a major nerve responsible for inflammatory reflex. By making sure the nerve isn’t experiencing interference, we can reduce inflammation in the body, which can also improve emotional wellbeing.

Organ related symptoms—we’ve seen numerous children who come to us with problems relating to the heart and GI tract. Because the nervous system affects all organs, we’ll work to restore proper function to the spine so that their body can function exactly as it was designed to, without any blockages.

Learn More Today

If you’d like to learn more about the connection between chiropractic care and the nervous system, we’d love to speak with you. Contact our team today to schedule your first appointment —we look forward to learning more about you and your family’s goals in health—naturally!


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