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Get Drug-Free Relief From PMS

woman holding head sitting in bed sadPremenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a set of physiological and emotional changes that occur before a woman’s monthly period. PMS affects the majority of women to a certain extent at some time during their reproductive years.

Some of the most common symptoms of PMS include

  • Severe cramps
  • Mood swings
  • Sadness
  • Food cravings
  • Irritability

If you experience PMS, you may find yourself reaching for over-the-counter painkillers, particularly when it comes to alleviating cramps. The pelvic adjustment is a natural and highly effective alternative to medication.

Our Natural Approach

There are very specific patterns in the body that can be adjusted that help to decrease the symptoms of PMS. We focus on the tailbone and the pelvis. These adjustments can help with cramps as they work on the muscles and the ligaments. That’s because when you’re cramping, everything tightens, so the adjustments relax those areas of tension.

We also address the emotional components such as sadness or mood swings by using cranial work on patients with PMS.

When Should I Seek Care?

If you’re experiencing cramps, contact Van Every Family Chiropractic Center as soon as possible so we can provide relief. Ideally, PMS patients should come in approximately three days before their period. If you come in each month for care, you may experience longer-lasting results. We often find that women get better following chiropractic care and don’t need to visit us as often.

In addition to chiropractic, we also recommend certain supplements that help relax the muscles. Massage therapy is also highly beneficial.

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