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Help for PMS Royal Oak

hands shaping a heart around the sunSadness. Mood swings. Food cravings. Severe cramps. These and other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome can severely impact a woman’s quality of life. If you experience PMS, you may find yourself reaching for over-the-counter painkillers, particularly when it comes to relieving cramps. A natural alternative to medication exists that is highly effective-the pelvic adjustment.

Our Unique Approach

Particular patterns in the body can be adjusted that help to decrease the symptoms of PMS. We focus on the tailbone and the pelvis. These adjustments can help with cramps as they work on the muscles and the ligaments. That’s because when you’re cramping, everything tightens, so the adjustments relax those tense areas.

We also address the emotional components of not feeling good by using cranial work on patients with PMS.

In addition to chiropractic, we also recommend certain supplements that help relax the muscles. Massage therapy is also highly beneficial.

The Role of Diet and Exercise

Exercising regularly is one of the best ways to reduce PMS symptoms. Other benefits of exercise are reducing stress, boosting the immune system and lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Making specific dietary changes also can reduce PMS symptoms. Aim to add more leafy green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and other complex carbs into your diet. On the other hand, seek to reduce intake of sugar, dairy products, red meat, caffeine and alcohol-all of which are inflammatory.

How Often Do I Need to Come In?

You should come in for care if you’re experiencing cramps. Our goal, however, is to have PMS patients come in approximately three days before their period. If you come in for monthly care, your results may last longer. We often find that women get better following chiropractic care and don’t need to come to our office as often.

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