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3 Ways Chiropractic Can Help Children With Down Syndrome

At our practice, we’re proud to welcome patients of all walks of life to experience the benefits of chiropractic care. We’ve worked with many children diagnosed with Down Syndrome, and helped them (and their family) see wonderful, natural results from adjustments.

Here’s three ways you may not have known that chiropractic adjustments may help someone with Down Syndrome:

1. Increased immunity—chiropractic care can help ensure your nervous system is working properly by reducing inflammation in the body, which heightens immunity.

2. Gentle care for atlantoaxial instability—we use a very low-force technique to restore proper alignment to the upper bones in the neck, which can often be problematic for children with Down Syndrome.

3. Relief for organ related symptoms—many children with Down Syndrome experience heart problems or issues relating to the GI tract. Chiropractic adjustments free up disturbances in the nervous system, allowing things to work as they were designed.

Learn more about the power of chiropractic as it relates to Down Syndrome in this video.

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