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What's the Cause of Your Carpal Tunnel Pain?

holding hands with painDid you know that in about 90% of cases, our patients have carpal tunnel pain that doesn’t originate from a problem in their wrist? It’s far more common that it’s a result of an issue in the neck or shoulder. At Van Every Family Chiropractic Center, we can address the many causes of carpal tunnel pain.

Why Surgery Doesn’t Always Work

Many cases we’ve seen involve people who had a surgical procedure performed to relieve their carpal tunnel pain. They’re surprised, however, when their discomfort returns post-surgery. If the root of your problem lies elsewhere, it makes sense that surgery on your wrist wouldn’t correct it.

That’s why we always suggest more natural and conservative options before turning to surgery. With an examination, we can determine whether we can help you and, if so, what our recommendations are for your particular situation. We’ll be able to tell you what the cause of your carpal tunnel pain is and provide the comprehensive care you need to get results.

Looking at All Aspects of Your Lifestyle

You might not realize it, but a simple change can make all the difference in your condition. If your carpal tunnel pain is caused by a problem in your neck or shoulders, you might be sleeping on a bad mattress, in an improper position or use a pillow that’s not right for you. We’ll give you the tools and information you need to make the changes that will assist in your recovery.

In addition to your adjustments, we’ll recommend specific stretches to increase your healing. You may also benefit from having massages. We offer massage therapy on-site to complement your chiropractic care.

Contact Van Every Family Chiropractic Center today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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