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The Signs Your Baby Has a Tongue or Lip Tie

cute infant baby smilingIf your baby has a tongue or lip tie, you have likely struggled quite a bit due to it. These conditions are more common than you might think. We’ve had plenty of patients at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center who see us before and after their revision surgery.

Though it’s not limited to babies only who have tongue or lip ties, it’s more commonly found in infants. If you’re concerned your baby may have a tongue tie or lip tie, you want to know what to watch out for.

The Symptoms Your Baby May Have

If your baby exhibits any of these signs, it’s probably time to get a medical opinion:

  • Inability to latch and breastfeed. They can’t use the tongue or lips to grasp the breast the way they should.
  • Lack of weight gain. Without a proper way to feed, your baby can’t get enough milk.
  • Wanting to feed continually. Your baby doesn’t get enough, so they keep trying to get more milk!
  • A heart-shaped tongue. The frenulum pulls on the tongue more than it should, creating a heart shape.
  • A two-toned tongue. It’s a normal color at the front but whiter at the back, since the back isn’t stimulated.

Plus, you can feel the roof of your baby’s mouth. If there is a divot there, it’s a sign of a likely problem. If you notice any of these, better safe than sorry – go see a doctor, just in case your baby needs some help.

Improper Latches

One of the biggest signs of a lip or tongue tie in baby are symptoms in Mom. If you have bleeding or irritation of the nipples or the breasts, your baby probably isn’t latching as they should. It may also result in a white mark on the nipple, plugged ducts or mastitis.

You can also notice a lack of milk supply or an overage of milk supply. If your baby isn’t getting much milk, your body won’t produce much. Or, if your baby is continually trying to feed because they’re always hungry, your body will overproduce.

We’re here to be your resource. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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