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The Different Causes of Ear Infections

Baby boy cryingEar infections can be extremely challenging for the child that has them and their parents alike. Commonly called otitis media, the infection is located in the middle ear. The majority of ear infections are viral, not bacteria, which means antibiotics won’t be able to beat the infection.

At Van Every Family Chiropractic Center, we take a different approach to helping your child find relief from ear infections.

What to Look For

Here are the signs that your child has an ear infection:

  • Tugging on the ear
  • Fever
  • Drainage from ear
  • Vertigo, dizziness
  • Balance/coordination difficulties
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Excessive crying

What’s the True Cause?

There’s a few different things that can cause ear infection: congestion that blocks the Eustachian tube, a misalignment of bones or a virus.

With congestion, what occurs is a bacteria that is always present in the nose or throat can get into the ear. It multiplies quickly and ends up as an infection. Unable to drain, it builds up and causes pain. This can be caused by exposure to an allergen.

One that we commonly see is a misalignment in the jaw, neck or skull that obstructs the Eustachian tube. Chiropractic can work wonders here! Our gentle technique will realign everything so the proper flow can occur.

Finally, there is a viral cause of ear infections. It’s the most common one, and often is due to a child with a weakened immune system that isn’t working like it should be.

Why Antibiotics Don’t Always Work

Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria. Unfortunately, they can’t tell the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria! That means, every time you take an antibiotic, it wipes out all the good bacteria in your gut and takes away a good deal of your immunity.

Additionally, antibiotics react adversely with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and other nutrients in the body. It also causes diarrhea in children, which means they lose nutrients and fluid and decrease their immune system function.

How Chiropractic Is Different

Chiropractic can help with misalignments that cause blockages in the Eustachian tube and help boost your immunity. We’ve seen plenty of children with chronic ear infections. Their parents have taken them everywhere without finding any answers. Chiropractic will align their bodies and allow them to function at their full potential!

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