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Sciatica Care in Royal Oak

pregnant person with back painThe team at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center provides safe, drug-free, nonsurgical health care. We welcome every member of your family with a special concentration on pediatrics and prenatal care. There is a broad range of concerns that our patients commonly have when they come to see us. One of these is sciatica, which is a painful condition that results in pain that can travel into your hip, knee, leg and foot.

Why Sciatica Occurs

Sciatica can occur for a variety of reasons. It is often experienced by many pregnant women, though it can affect you during any stage of life. Your sciatic pain and the plan of action we recommend will depend on the cause of your sciatica.

Most likely, your sciatic pain occurs only on one side of your body. The nature of your pain will depend on where the pressure is on your sciatic nerve. We’ll take a look at how your sciatic nerve is being affected and what the cause of your discomfort is. Sciatica is a complex condition that can involve your entire low back area.

In determining how your sciatic nerve is affected, we can establish the most appropriate way to go about your care.

Pain During Pregnancy Isn’t Normal!

People tend to write off their aches and pains as normal. During pregnancy, it’s no different. Most women expect that they’ll be in a state of discomfort. It’s important that you understand your pain is a sign that your body needs help. Though it may dissipate after you give birth, you don’t have to wait until your baby arrives to get out of pain.

When you’re pregnant and have sciatic pain, your baby is likely sitting on the sciatic nerve on one side of your pelvis. Often, this situation can also result in a baby in a breech position or requiring a C-section. We can create balance in your body to decrease the likelihood of complications.

Some women have sciatic pain even after they’ve given birth. If the underlying cause isn’t addressed, your problems won’t disappear postpartum. When you have a new baby, you’re carrying them, lifting them and making other repetitive motions that can cause sciatica or make yours recur. It’s essential that you get the attention you need so that you can be in the best shape to care for your new baby.

In-Motion Adjustments for Sciatica

When you have sciatica, you notice the pain increase when you go from a seated position to standing. Because of this, we’ll perform some of your adjustments while you’re in motion. Our adjusting technique involves a tool with a long cord. As you make your movement, we’ll complete your adjustment. We might have you make other movements during the adjustment such as turning your foot into different positions, which influences the rotation of your sacrum and hip.

Stretches, Exercises and Advice

Our pregnant and non-pregnant patients who have sciatica will receive personalized recommendations from us. We’ll give you stretches and exercises to do, such as on an exercise ball, which is great to open up the pelvis of expecting moms. We may also recommend that you receive massage, which is fantastic in getting the muscles around the sciatic nerve to release. If you have a massage with us, you’ll begin by seeing your massage therapist, then get your adjustment.

We’ll advise you on other lifestyle aspects that can help you, such as proper lifting techniques or what to consider with motions that can irritate your sciatica. For example, snow shoveling involves a torqueing movement that can throw off balance in your sacrum.

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