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Our First Ever Back to School Stress Summit! Aug 11/12/13th at 7pm

back to school summit

Join us live each night through Zoom on your phone or laptop, from the comfort and safety of your home. You’ll be able to engage, ask questions, and learn so much!

We know that every year the Back to School transition brings a major change in routine and quite a bit of added stress as we get everything together for not just our kids, but for us too.

Well, this year that stress is now 10-fold as we are unsure of exactly what school is going to look like. New changes, new routines, new mandates, and just so many more potential obstacles for our kids to overcome in order to be in a healthy, happy, positive social and learning environment!

Then if your child already struggles with things like sensory, emotional, learning, and behavioral challenges, that stress and tension is actually 100-fold and through the roof for your family right now.

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We want to help.

We’ve put together the first ever Back to School Perfect Storm Online Summit for the second week of August, and assembled some of the most compassionate, experienced, professionals in our local community to connect with you on Zoom and help answer your questions, calm your fears, and help you draw up the best Action Plan possible for your family this fall!

It’s simple, it’s free, and it’s going to be wildly impactful.

We’ll be Live with you on Zoom so you can be in the comfort and safety of your home, and still get all of your questions answered. Tuesday night will focus on School and IEP Support, Wednesday night will focus on Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support, and Thursday night’s focus will be all about Health and Wellness Support you can provide for your child this fall!

Save the Date and block out 7-8 PM on August 11-13th, and let us help you navigate this unprecedented “Perfect Storm” season we are all going through together!

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