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May Is For MOM

girl mom and grandmother outside smilingYou work hard every day – taking care of the entire family without asking for anything in return. Since you do so much, we’d like to give you one of the greatest gift of them all… the gift of better health?

Listen if you’re like most moms you put everyone and everybody before yourself! The hard truth, if you’re out of commission, who’s going to take care of your family the way you would. Another thing, leading by example is the best model for the future of your family. It’s obvious you think chiropractic care is valuable or you wouldn’t have your family get adjusted but the chances that they continue this good lifestyle habit for a lifetime increases exponentially when they see you do it for a lifetime as well.

So what is this gift we absolutely want you to have?… Included in this letter is a “special invitation” for a complimentary CoreScore scan valued at $200.00

Your CoreScore is calculated from three simple tests which tell us how much interference is in your communication core and how we can begin to help you.

Listen it’s all about using this healthy lifestyle choice of chiropractic care to get more life in your body, so that you can do whatever it is you love, to the best of your ability. We call it, MORE LIFE. BETTER LIFE.

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