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How to Get Rid of Your Sciatica

Man with sciatic painIf you have sciatic pain, there are typically multiple components involved. You need to get adjusted to address any misalignments in the spine that are affecting your nerves. Stretching and exercising can also be helpful for sciatic issues.

Though your pain comes and goes, there are a few things to be aware of so that you can manage your sciatic pain.

Lower Crossed Syndrome

The lower crossed syndrome is what we call having weak muscles in some areas and tight in the other, as typically happens to people who sit at a desk and look at a computer all day. We give our patients specific exercises to strengthen weakened muscles and stretch out tight ones, alleviating lower crossed syndrome.

Be Aware of Your Standing Posture

Every time you stand, engage your core and tuck in your pelvis. Try to pay attention to whether you lock any joints, such as jutting one hip out or locking up your knees. These will lead to postural abnormalities.

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!

There’s a few key areas that you need to stretch out:

  • Hamstrings
  • Hip flexors
  • Abdominals
  • Lumbar extensors

All are important for people who have sciatic pain.

Don’t Roll It Out

Pain in the middle of the butt is common in sciatica sufferers. You might lie on a tennis ball or a foam roller to try to target the pain. The reason the pain is there, however, is because the nerve is pressed on by the piriformis muscle.

If you apply anything to the area, you’ll inflame the nerve more. The key is to fix the nerve interference, which is exactly what a chiropractor does.

Strengthen Your Core

Did you know some simple breathing exercises can strengthen your core? Sit up straight and do some deep belly breathing. Get as much air as you can in your belly when you breathe in, then push it out while keeping your posture upright.

Look up how to do bird dog or cat-cow for some additional ideas. If you have chronic pain, think about doing planks, side bridges, glute bridges and squats. All will work your core muscles.

We know just how devastating sciatic pain can be. Instead of struggling, get rid of it. Contact us now to book your consultation!

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