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Growing up With Regular Chiropractic Care: Liz's Journey

Liz, one of our young yet long-time patients, discovered more than a treatment routine at Van Every Family Chiropractic Center. She found a supportive environment that guided her health journey from an early age. Her experience illustrates the positive effects of regular chiropractic care on her immune deficiency and overall health.

“I’ve been getting adjusted since I was seven,” Liz shares, her voice reflecting the years she spent learning to listen to her body. “I have an immune deficiency that makes me prone to sinus infections.”

Recognizing the Importance of Regular Adjustments

For Liz, the benefits of chiropractic treatments were significant. Regular adjustments became her defense against recurring sinus infections. “Consistent chiropractic care has helped manage that,” she confirms, highlighting its crucial role in reducing the frequency of these infections.

When she moved to a different city for college, Liz felt the negative effects of not receiving her monthly adjustments. “Without my regular adjustment each month, I could tell my health was not the same,” she recalls. The change was noticeable, increasing susceptibility to illnesses and digestive problems.

However, coming home during summers brought relief. Liz remembers the clear difference.

I would always feel so much better getting regularly adjusted.”

Listening to Her Body’s Signals

Liz’s body now serves as a guide, indicating when an adjustment is needed. “Usually, I can feel it when my body hurts,” she explains. It’s a learned understanding—a discomfort in her shoulders, a slight change in her rib causing breathing difficulties, or even headaches signal the need for an adjustment.

“It’s like a puzzle,” she reflects. “When I’m feeling a lot more anxious or just off, I know I could benefit from an adjustment.”

Her relationship with chiropractic care goes beyond physical adjustments; it involves learning to listen to her body’s signals and understanding its needs beyond apparent symptoms. It’s a comprehensive approach that not only addresses discomfort but also the root causes, promoting overall wellness.

Van Every Family Chiropractic Center is more than a place for adjustments; it’s where individuals like Liz tap into the potential of regular care. It’s a refuge where health is not merely about the absence of illness but embodies harmony, vitality, and understanding.

In Liz’s words, “Chiropractic care isn’t just about feeling better; it’s about being better, understanding your body, and being proactive in your health journey.”

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