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Chiropractic Care for Dowager Humps

woman holding neckOver the years, you may have noticed that a hump is developing behind your neck. You’ve assumed that it is hereditary since your mom and grandma have it—thus, you’ll have it too.


At our practice, we want to help you have proper posture for life, so that you can enjoy it to your fullest well into your golden years.

What is a Dowager Hump?

This type of hump forms in the upper back as a result of poor spinal health and posture, leading you to lean forward quite a way. In some cases, the hump may be very severe, while mild for others. While the Dowager hump is more common in older individuals, the lesser known upper thoracic hump can be found in younger folks, too.

Symptoms of spinal humps include pain in the neck, mid-back, lower back, hip and sciatic nerve. Early signs of a hump may be indicative of upper shoulders that always feel tight.

Fortunately, humps can be corrected with Koren Specific Technique, also known as KST.

Fixing the Hump

The hump is sometimes referred to as a “hump pattern” because correcting the hump involves addressing a number of segments in addition to the hump itself. The hump is part of a larger group of subluxations that affect the ribs, the mid-back and the upper thoracic (upper back) vertebrae.

The key to fixing the hump, as well as correcting any body part, is specificity: Knowing exactly what is out of alignment causing body malfunction and the direction of the misalignment.

Knowing the exact nature of the misalignment permits us to use a minimal amount of force/energy to correct the subluxation. When a correction is more specific, the need for re-correction is greatly reduced – people tend to hold their adjustments longer.

When the hump pattern is corrected people often experience immediate improvement in posture, balance, breathing and level of inflammation or sensitivity along the ribs at the front of the chest.

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If you’re noticing a curve or slouch in your posture, give us a call to book an appointment. It’s always better to seek care now than to wait until the issue worsens. We look forward to providing you with the natural care that you deserve.

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