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Chiropractic and Down Syndrome

Boy top angle paper heart on deskWe’ve had the privilege of serving many people in our community, from all walks of life. Many of our patients have been adults or children who have Down syndrome. What could chiropractic possibly have to do with Down syndrome?

People with Down syndrome commonly have concerns such as ligament laxity, immunity challenges, emotional regulation and digestive/heart issues. Let’s go through each in turn.

Neck Instability

People with Down syndrome typically have an instability present in the first two bones of the neck. We want it to become more stable and alleviate some of the accompanying symptoms. With our instrument-based technique, it’s safe, light-force and won’t cause any pain.

The Immune System

Your immunity is connected to your vagus nerve, which is the largest in the body. It has control over your body’s innate response to inflammation and has the reaction to fight off that inflammation. We now know that inflammation is the big cause of most diseases that are common today.

Chiropractic allows your vagus nerve that originates at the base of the brain stem to function the way it’s supposed to, which will positively affect the immune system.

Emotional Regulation

This one is also all about the vagus nerve. This nerve is part of the parasympathetic nervous system. That system is responsible for the “rest and digest” function in the body. If anyone feels aggressive, upset or hyperactive, an adjustment can calm their nervous system and have a positive effect on those strong emotions.

Digestive and Heart-Related Problems

Many people with Down syndromes struggle with heart disease and digestive issues. There are many nerves in the body that go to the digestive system. The vagus nerve is the primary nerve that goes to the heart. The goal is to make sure these nerves function well, allowing the body’s organs to work at 100%.

An Advanced Technique

Our technique is gentle and extremely easily tolerated. We listen to the patient’s body and adjust any areas that need it. When we do so, there is practically no limit to the improvements we can see.

In our positive, warm environment, you or your child will feel like they’re part of our practice family. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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