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Bumps, Falls and Common Childhood Ailments

Active little boysThink about the first couple of years of your life.

First, you learned to hold up your neck. Then, you were rolling over. Crawling, pulling yourself up on things and standing on your own were next. After that, it was onto walking, and before long, running. Though not every child necessarily goes in that order, it shows you all the action that any kid goes through at the start of their life.

All of these activities lead to inevitable falls. Though some are small and some seem more serious, it’s tough to gauge whether your child is affected by trauma.

That’s where a chiropractor comes in.

Keep Your Kids Healthy

If your child has an injury to a joint, scar tissue will layer on top of the injury. As the scar tissue builds up, your child won’t have the range of motion that they should. We can stop that process from happening and developing further into the teenage years and adulthood. That way, your child won’t end up as an adult with years of injury built up.

When your child is under wellness care, which means they don’t need attention for a particular problem but simply get care to stay healthy, they will grow into a healthy adult. That’s every parent’s dream! Chiropractic can help lead your child into a happy, healthy future.

Problems Commonly Seen

Our goal is to get that nervous system functioning properly. Children don’t typically complain of pain, but our goal is just to get everything working the way they should. There are, however, many reasons parents bring their babies and children to us.


Infants commonly need help for colic, acid reflux, spitting up, excessive fussiness and an unwillingness to sleep. Babies have no way to tell you there’s an issue except to cry. It may be a sign of nerve interference! When an infant is adjusted, they respond quickly, as they don’t have years of accumulated damage.


In older children, the issues we commonly see include hyperactivity, aggression, anxiety, extreme fears, separation anxiety, night terrors, pulling out hair, bed-wetting, allergies, digestive issues and sleeping difficulties. Often, these children just need help in calming their nervous system.

We want your family to be healthy and happy. Contact Van Every Family Chiropractic Center today to set up an appointment!

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