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Avoid a Backbreaking Gardening Season

It’s springtime in Michigan, and we know what that means—gardening season. One of the first activities that we look forward to is getting our garden beds in good shape for the season. What we do not look forward to is the body’s aches and pains that come with it. Also, because we have been a little more sedentary throughout the cold winter months, our bodies are not as ready as we would like for spring.

Here are some quick tips to get you ready to have a pain-free gardening season:

Sandwich your chiropractic adjustments. This means that if you plan on gardening, make sure to get adjusted before you start, so your body is in the right position, and then get adjusted after, so it stays in the right position.

Warm up before you start. This can mean taking a quick walk before starting, jogging in place for a minute or two. Also, stretching both your upper back and lower back will help.

Stay hydrated. Bring a large water bottle with you as you move throughout the gardens. Also take a water break every 15 minutes, and while drinking, take a quick rest.

Lift the right way. Try not to twist and lift with your lower back. Instead, use your legs. It’s also important to use the right tools, like tarps to drag leaves and debris, and a wheelbarrow to transport heavier objects.

Use the proper equipment. Use a kneeling pad to sit on the ground or on your knees, versus bending directly over when weeding. Use tools with long handles to help eliminate bending over.

Avoid repetitive motions. Break up your tasks into different types of motions. Rake for 15 minutes and then change to digging or planting. Don’t try to get it all done at once.

Use Arnica and ice. After a day of working in the garden, use arnica to help with muscle healing, and use ice on any areas that are sore.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help. Happy gardening!

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