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A Story of Hope

The following is a firsthand testimony from the mother of one of our young patients who suffers from a sensory processing disorder – she felt compelled to share her story after watching another mother, Christy, share her experience via this video testimonial.

The Background Story

Christy’s powerful video inspired me to share our story. So you know, no one asked me to write this – I just feel compelled to share.

This is our family chiropractor. They use a super gentle technique called KST and use a tool for adjustments. Earlier this year there were lots of changes in Nicholas’ school and a series of events with new staff sent him into a tailspin. Life many other kids with autism, he struggles big time with change. My sweet boy regressed so far back beyond where he was before we even had him diagnosed. I’m sure you all know that Nicholas has autism, and he also has generalized anxiety disorder, which is pretty common with kids high functioning on the spectrum. When these events took place Nicholas didn’t want to go to school anymore. He was afraid. When I got him to finally go in the building I was told he couldn’t bring himself to even enter his classroom most days (his regular teacher was out for an extended period). Our family was in total disarray and we saw behaviors return that we hadn’t seen for well over a year. We were confused and scared and trying everything we could. We were at a total loss. Nicholas was sad, scared and aggressive. I went to work daily just praying he would be okay. I distinctly remember dropping him off one day and after going back home (we live across the street) walking back to school in the rain with with Scarlett on my hip sobbing. I went into the office and BEGGED the secretary and gym teacher, who was acting principal that day, to please, please, please call me with problems because I didn’t feel like Nicholas was safe at school anymore. It was the absolute worst feeling in the world.

Nicholas’ BCBA observed at school one day and like Christy mentioned in her video, he said it was almost like Nicholas had PTSD over the incidents that had happened. When Nicholas walked in he remembered what had happened and couldn’t get past it. We were working with his psychiatrist, BCBA and speech therapist but I needed my sweet boy back NOW and was so, so, so worried. I cried hysterically every single day. Every day.

A Turn of Events

One day a friend tagged me in a video from Van Every that featured a mom’s emotional testimony about how her son struggled with sensory processing and the success she saw after seeing Dr Saylor and Dr Ashley. I was very, very skeptical but desperate so I scheduled an appointment. I began trekking from Farmington Hills to Royal Oak in hopes that this would help my sweetest boy.

You guys, he is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I am writing this with tears in my eyes because it it TRUE. I can hardly believe it myself but it has had such a positive impact in ALL of our lives. In the months of May and June I had NO problems with Nicholas at school. None.

The one time he thought he’d get in trouble from an honest mistake he wouldn’t go in the building but the staff was able to calm him without the situation escalating. And he has been in camps all summer and all I hear is how sweet and wonderful Nicholas is. I always knew this but to get this feedback from others after that horrible, awful time is so amazing and such a giant boost for Nicholas’ confidence. I’ve now started getting Scarlett and myself adjusted because I really feel like it has a positive impact on our overall wellness.

Not Cured But Controlled

Let me be clear – no, I’m not saying chiropractic has gotten rid of autism. Autism doesn’t go away. I’m not saying Nicholas doesn’t need any other therapies. He still needs speech and still needs OT for fine and gross motor skills and he still has his psychiatrist. He still benefits from his social skills group. But what I am saying is that Van Every has dramatically reduced his fight or flight instinct that was completely out of control. It has helped with his impulsivity. It has changed his life and all of our lives. He is so much happier.

Like Christy says in her video, I too almost didn’t believe it when it first happened. I kept waiting for it to end. But it didn’t stop. It got better. I remember telling Dr. Saylor a couple of months ago that I had almost been afraid to say this out loud. And I thought people would think I was crazy. But I know that there are other kids struggling and if you have that in your life I really encourage you to go talk to Van Every. They are simply amazing. They have changed all of our lives. And we are so, so, so grateful.

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