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A Great School Year Starts With an Optimally Functioning Nervous System

With the new school year upon us, we’d like to help your child have the best one ever. As a chiropractor and the mom to two daughters, I understand the importance of nervous system health in promoting optimal physical and emotional health.

In my latest Facebook video, I talk about the Four T’s, the fear-based child and the stressed-based child, the five love languages, and the role of chiropractic in calming the nervous system. Here are some highlights of the video:

The Four T’s

Trauma: From falls throughout childhood to small daily traumas like kids wearing backpacks that are too heavy or playing video games with poor posture, traumas can add up.

Toxins: Chemicals in food, those found in cleaning products, and chemicals that are put on the body in the form of toiletries can take a health toll.

Thoughts: From social media and school stress to homework loads and peer pressure, thoughts are what bring most kids into the practice.

Technology: While video games and cell phones are here to stay, setting limits on tech time and taking breaks to play outside can help.

In the video, I dive into each T and talk about how to manage them.

The Fear-Based and Stressed-Based Child

Have Questions?

Kids who are fear-based worry about everything and tend to be shy from a young age. They don’t like to interact much, tend to be inward and have low energy. They can become depressed and withdrawn teens.

Stress-based kids have high energy as well as anger and tantrums. They don’t sleep well, and neither do their parents. A stressed-based child has a nervous system that is constantly spinning.

The Five Love Languages

It’s essential to determine what your kids’ love languages are so you can keep their bucket filled. In the video, I talk about each one: gifts, physical touch, acts of services, words of affirmation, and quality time.

Chiropractic Calms the Nervous System

To drive your car, you need both a gas pedal and brake pedal. Anxious kids have a gas pedal that’s always stuck. The brake pedal is the chiropractic adjustment. Our goal is to use chiropractic to help kids function optimally and be happy, healthy and well-adjusted.

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