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3 Ways to Naturally Lower Stress

woman sitting on bed holding her head with both handsDr. Saylor understands that families of all walks of life are experiencing trying times in the current Covid-19 pandemic—but please know that we stand with you and are doing all that we can to support your health during this time.

Dr. Saylor would like to share a few helpful tips for lowering stress—all of which you can do from the comfort of your own homes. Remember, lower stress levels helps our body to function normally, sleep better, and stay balanced without unnecessary inflammation.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Ground yourself. While sitting in a chair, plant your feet firmly on the ground in front of you. Imagine that you’re feeling the energy from the earth run through your body. Take a few deep breaths as you remain planted to the universe.

2. Practice ‘square’ breathing. This is Dr. Saylor’s go-to breathing technique. You can practice this while sitting, standing, or even resting in your bed. While drawing a square with your finger, take a deep breath in, then a deep breath out, one more deep breath in, and one more deep breath out. Each “line” of your square is a step—on line one, breathe in. On line two, breathe out. By your fourth line and completed square, you’ll be on your last exhale. This can be repeated as needed.

3. Manifest positivity and love, two things we need more than ever. To do so, place your hands over your heart and picture a beautiful bright light. See the energy from the light going through your heart and into your body—the legs, stomach, chest, throat, arms and head.

For the full video, check out this link.

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Stay happy and healthy!

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