Quick Tips to Help Avoid Low Back Injuries While Shoveling in Royal Oak MI

Tips to Help Avoid Low Back Injuries While Shoveling in Royal Oak MI

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Watch this quick video for easy tips to save your low back when you are shoveling snow in Royal Oak MI. Here are a couple of things you can do to help ease your low back pain and avoid it in the first place.

Shoveling Tips for Low Back Pain in Royal Oak MI

  • Stretch first. A stiff body is asking for injuries. A few minutes of stretching can save you a lot of pain later. Also stretching will help warm up your muscles and prevent injuries.
  • Use the correct size shovel. Your shovel should be chest high on you, which allows you to keep your back straight. A short shovel forces you to bend more to lift the load. A too-tall shovel makes the weight heavier at the end.
  • Timing is everything. Wait until later in the day to shovel. More disc injuries occur in the morning when there is extra fluid pressure in the disc and the disc's are dehydrated.
  • Drink lots of water. Drinking water helps to keep muscles and body hydrated.
  • Use good posture. When you do shovel, bend your knees and keep your back straight while lifting with your legs. Push the snow straight ahead; try to avoid throwing it while twisting.
  • Wear the proper clothing. Wear layers that you can take off or put back on. Also good boots with traction to avoid slipping.
  • See your chiropractor. Gentle adjustments will help keep your back loose and decrease the chance for injury. If you do overdo it, your chiropractor can help get you back on track to feeling great.
  • Best piece of advice from Dr Saylor - Pay someone else to do it!

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