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Girls having a sleep over

Lack of bladder control can cause shame, guilt and impaired social skills.

Bedwetting takes a tremendous toll on children. Embarrassment. Alarms. No sleepovers. Plastic mattress covers. Frustration. Unable to fit in. Even diapers.

Up to the age of four or five, most children have poor bladder control at night. But after that, the inability to stay dry at night may be a sign of an underlying problem. While chiropractic is not a treatment for bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis), countless children have been helped with safe and natural chiropractic care.

Bladder Physiology

Two key muscles control the emptying of the bladder. Their technical names are the detrusor and trigone muscles. Nerves that exit the spinal column in the lower back and sacrum control these muscles.

During the early years of life, the sacrum has five separate segments. Later, they fuse together to form the triangular-shaped bone that adults have at the base of the spine. If these segments misalign (falling, learning to walk, ride a bike, etc.) they may compromise nerves that are responsible for bladder function.

We look for these sometimes subtle misalignments during our examination. When these misalignments are reduced with safe and natural chiropractic adjustments, nervous system control and regulation of the bladder may often be restored.

Published Reports

The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics document many studies showing the positive benefits of chiropractic care.

  • A study of 46 children received chiropractic care for a 10-week period. A quarter of those receiving chiropractic care had 50% or more reduction in the wet night frequency, while none among the control group saw a reduction. (JMPT 1994 (Nov-Dec);17 (9): 596-600)
  • Children with a history of persistent bed-wetting received eight chiropractic adjustments. Number of wet nights fell from seven per week to four. (JMPT 1991 (Feb);14 (2): 110-115)
  • The lumbar spine of an eight-year-old male bed wetter was adjusted once and at a one-month follow-up. There was a complete resolution of enuresis. “This happened in a manner that could not be attributed to time or placebo effect.” (JMPT 1994 (Jun);17 (5): 335-338)
Boy sleeping peacefully

Chiropractic has shown some promise among bedwetters with neurological compromise caused by the spine.

Will Chiropractic Care Help?

Since chiropractic care isn’t a treatment for bedwetting, a thorough examination is necessary. If the bedwetting is caused by nerve interference from the spine, many children see great results with chiropractic care. Find out!

We approach these cases with sensitivity and compassion. Your son or daughter will appreciate and understand our explanations.

Please call or email us if your specific concern hasn’t been addressed here.


Patient Testimonials

Thank you to Dr. Saylor who helped my daughter through this!!

“Thank you to Dr Saylor at Van Every Chiropractic. My daughter was toilet trained by two and a half years old. However she continued wetting the bed. At first it wasn’t an issue, I figured it would happen in good time. She continued to get older. I had taken her to a pediatric urologist who recommended an alarm system. But we didn’t want to go that route. He also told me that there was not anything medically wrong. I also made sure that there were not any mental health issues. My daughter didn’t mind wearing a pull up for years and then it all of the sudden started to get in the way of sleepovers when she turned 10. She was no longer ok with pull ups and missed out on things due to her bed wetting. She and I had already been patients of Dr. Saylor’s for years but was not as consistent as we should have been.

We started to address this issue through chiropractic with consistent care and after about 2 months, we saw a big difference and she stopped wetting the bed completely. I admit we also used the alarm but it did not seem to help. I believe that the success was every bit of the chiropractic care my daughter received. She is the first one to want to be adjusted when she is stressed or not feeling well. We are so grateful for the help she has received from Dr. Saylor. My daughter was never made to feel bad or embarrassed and wanted the adjustments to help with the bed wetting. Thank you to Dr. Saylor who helped my daughter through this!!

– From a very grateful Mom”